George Vondriska

How to Trim Edge Banding Using a Hand Saw

George Vondriska
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Duration:   2  mins

Often you want to add banding around the outside of a piece to give it a finished look. Think a desktop, like the one shown in this video, a tabletop, cabinets, or even some decorative drawers and doors. Especially when you use a different type of wood for the banding than you’ve used for the central panel, the effect can be striking. Not so much, however, if you leave jagged or ugly cuts behind when you trim off the extra hardwood.

If you’re wondering how to trim edge banding beautifully, well, good news: This video will tell you everything you need to know. Especially if you’re trying to get back to basics and woodworking with hand tools, this is a perfect tutorial for you. Master Woodworker George Vondriska shows you how to trim edge banding with a hand saw, leaving a perfectly flush edge and minimizing the amount of cleanup you’ll have to do afterward.

As with anything, when you’re learning how to trim edge banding, a key secret is to go slow. Remember how Grandpa always told you to measure twice, cut once? This is kind of like that, because if you take a gouge out of that beautiful hardwood edge banding, wood filler just won’t provide the same effect. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to keep the saw flush against the edge of the banding to create a perfect edge, and how to finish up your cut without leaving splinters or splitting the hardwood.

This is a great skill for those learning how to build cabinets or tables, or beautiful statement desks like the one showcased in this video.

Keep in mind that hardwood edging like the master woodworker used in this video isn’t the only option, though. You may associate the term “edge banding” with the veneer strip often applied over plywood edges, or even on real wood. This does offer a simpler approach, and can create a different finished look, so you can always use veneer edge banding in your projects if you like it.

If you’re new to this skill, watch the video a few times to get a feel for the steps before starting.

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