2020 Product Showcase: Easy Wood Tools

Matt Coppersmith
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Duration:   13  mins

Easy Wood Tools introduced a larger version of their hollow vessel chisels. They’ve had mini hollowers available for a while. It’s great to see these larger scale tools in the marketplace. Both sets of chisels are carbide-tipped.

What’s the deal with carbide?

Carbide-tipped lathe chisels offer the benefit of never needing to be sharpened. When the portion of the cutter you’re using becomes dull you simply loosen a bolt, pivot the cutter so a sharp portion is available, tighten the bolt and you’re back to work. Spend more time turning, no time sharpening.

Standard versus negative rake

Most of Easy Wood’s lathe chisels have both standard and negative rake cutters available. Choose the cutter based on what you’re turning. If you’re turning epoxy, also called resin, you should definitely be using negative rake cutters. When turning wood you should choose negative rake over standard cutters for exceptionally hard wood, like the Indian Rosewood used in this video.

And, a narrow kerf parting tool

The other tool recently introduced by Easy Wood is a very narrow parting tool, which is also carbide-tipped. Again, no sharpening. Simply replace the cutter when it becomes dull. The benefit of a narrow or thin parting tool really becomes apparent in a lidded box. It’s great to keep the grain flow from the base to the lid as continuous as possible. When parting the lid from the box a thin parting tool will really help that. A thin kerf parting tool is also easier to handle, since you’re taking out less wood on the cut.

More info

For more information on Easy Wood Tools visit the company’s website or call (866) 963-0294.

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