Choosing the Best Glue for Furniture Repair

Duration: 9:35

Woodworkers are commonly asked to do furniture repair. In this video you’ll learn about disassembling the piece, cleaning the joints and choosing the correct glue for reassembly. This particular repair uses hot melt polyurethane glue because of its gap-filling characteristics.

HiPURformer Advanced Bonding System provided by Titebond. For more information, visit

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13 Responses to “Choosing the Best Glue for Furniture Repair”
  1. DHRiley

    It would be nice to demonstrate how to repair something where the dowel has broken off in the hole and has to be drilled out and replaced. I could sure use that information!

    • Guest

      drill out the dowel parts with a drill bit at least one size smaller than the dowel diameter. Once you reach the end, use a 1/8″ mortising chisel to chip out the remaining parts of the dowel. Then I use metal plumber’s pipe brushes to clean the glue out of the mortises.

  2. Mike

    It is a fine line between the integrity and need to run business. Especially here where the Guild’s survival depends on making money from advertisement and sales. It was only after watching the video that I noticed “advertisement” under the description. Many websites do this to a certain degree but this is one of the most dishonest presentations I have seen. It was not mentioned during the video and it was make to look like an objective review. Please do not do something that will make it difficult to look into straight into the eyes who value this trade and look at every single recommendation with a grain of salt. It is OK to take money from manufacturers and promote their products but it can be done little more transparent and honest way.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      Thanks for your comment. WWGOA has working relationships with lots of manufacturers in the woodworking industry. When we create a video clip like this one the first step is to check the product out and make sure that we’re OK with it, and then work on techniques that show where the product can be used. If we’re not OK with the product we don’t use it.

      These clips are never sell outs. They’re viable demos of woodworking techniques that we’ve done our due diligence on.

  3. leelin

    Thanks for the excellent presentation on a new product/method for the repair of loose furniture joinery.
    As a campus facility manager I was always reluctant to allow staff to
    perform repairs of this nature for public use. I did not see this as
    dishonest as it was well ID’d during the video. The “advertisement” referenced the block below and is typical of all web site presentations.

  4. Woody

    The word “Advertisement” was prominently displayed and pretty hard to miss. If the manufacture’s name weren’t displayed the response would be “Where can I get that stuff?” I appreciate the fact that new products are demonstrated. The whole point of these videos is to demonstrate ways to improve on your woodworking ability and to learn new ways to accomplish old procedures.

  5. Gayrat

    I was repaired weakened jointed on a chair factory
    I was too lazy to restore tenon thickness after disassembly and I glued using Kleiberit PUR 501

    A year later, my connection fell apart because PUR 501 don’t have gap filling property (it form foam that expands)

    Franklin International wrote that HiPURformer WW60 Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive have gap filling property:

    Can you say me – is it true?
    Do you have item restored using hot melt adhesive after one year or more?

    • WWGOA Team
      WWGOA Team

      Thank you for your question. George said “I do have items I’ve used HiPur on a number of years ago, all of which are still intact. Titebond Customer Service can provide you with more technical info on their product. 1-800-669-4583”.

  6. Christopher Hudson
    Christopher Hudson


    Advertisement or not – a useful video. However, I’d like to suggest you compare an alternate with also – to me – great strength and gap filling abilities.

    Construction adhesive. Now don’t leave..:>) Not your usual weak ‘everyday’ construction adhesive. But a polyurethane-based one – Loctite PL. About $4 a tube. (There is a ‘3X’ on the tube helping to identify it)

    The stuff when cured is really, really strong. I once used it to affix some 3/4 plywood gussets to dimensional SPF studs. Rough plywood surface with ripples/gaps. I did it wrong and tried to pry the gussets off. The outer layer of plywood failed and came off in shreds. The glue joint did not fail.

    I use the stuff all the time for outdoor furniture (with gaps – at least the way mine seem to come together) – like Adirondack chairs. Seems perfect for this.

    Should work great for repairs like your stool.

  7. Stephen Ayotte
    Stephen Ayotte

    I would have used hide glue. Can you explain why hide glue is not the best choice.

    • WWGOA Team
      WWGOA Team

      In regards to your question, this repair required a glue with gap filling characteristics. HiPur has much better gap filling capabilities than hide glue.

  8. Scott

    I realize this was an advertisement but I would prefer to use a gap filling glue that does
    comes in a tube that does not require electricity and melt gun. They say some of the
    moisture cure foam forming polyurethane glues are gap filling but I dont trust what I think must be a weak joint if it foam so my best choice for gap filling is two part epoxy. Of course epoxy that has to be mixed is a whole nuther headache and more expensive when you consider also the cost of a disposable syringe that must be used. I dislike the use of hot melt glues because when you have a lot of joints to join at one time many of the joints with glue will have cooled before you mate the parts.