George Vondriska

Using Translucent Wood Glue for Invisible Glue Joints

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  mins

George Vondriska teaches you about the benefits of using translucent wood glue from Titebond to hide the glue joints that can affect the appearance of woodworking projects that implement biscuit joinery.

Translucent Wood Glue provided by Titebond. For more information, visit

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4 Responses to “Using Translucent Wood Glue for Invisible Glue Joints”

  1. Don

    Most of these video's are fantastic, This one really is not. Is it a commercial for tight bond or an actual tip? Dry fit the joint, tape the seam where glue will run out. Remove tape and no glue, any type glue. I would think that is a smarter way than to have to buy this product. Using this method will also prevent glue marks that would not show up until your finishing.

  2. robert limardo

    I have a 79" bi fold door an would like to know what project you recommend I can to with it.

  3. George Vondriska

    The way I see it, there are lots of ways to solve problems. Sometimes the solution is in a product, sometimes the solution is shop-made. You've let me know that we need to do a video on low tech solutions for dealing with squeeze out.

  4. Roy B.

    Good idea. Couple of questions: Can finish be applied over glue squeezeout? How is the strength of the glue compared to yellow glue?

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