George Vondriska

Franklin-Titebond Shop-Made Wooden Try Square: Part 1

George Vondriska
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Duration:   6  mins

It’s always cool to make projects that improve your shop. And it’s really cool, and fun, to make your own tools for your shop. In this video we teach you to make a wooden try square. Not only is it functional when it’s complete, it also looks great. The project calls for small pieces of wood, so here’s an opportunity to use some of that beautiful scrap you’ve been keeping. This is a two-part project. In Part 1 you’ll learn how to prep the pieces to ensure a perfect fit and easy assembly, and a great trick for capturing the blade in the handle.

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2 Responses to “Franklin-Titebond Shop-Made Wooden Try Square: Part 1”


    When I click on the video, nothing happens, except the title shows.


    it's a lot easier to dome the pens before cutting it off the main peace of stock

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