George Vondriska

Plunge Cutting in a Countertop

George Vondriska
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Duration:   6  mins

So you’ve finished your newest woodworking masterpiece, a brand new desk for your office, and you plan on using your computer, but you don’t want exposed cords making your work space look cluttered or untidy. Using an Oscillating Multi-tool from Bosch, George demonstrates plunge cutting holes in the countertop so these cords have easy access and your office stays neat.

Oscillating Multi-tool provided by Bosch. For more information, visit

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One Response to “Plunge Cutting in a Countertop”

  1. kmy

    Where's the video showing how you made the wooden grommet? Why did you choose to do this as a square hole vs round? Seems to me, round would have been easier and equally as effective.

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