George Vondriska

Tips for Picture-Perfect Frames

George Vondriska
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Making picture frames is an extremely popular wood shop activity. What better way to show off that special picture than by making a special frame for it? Unfortunately, getting great miters can be challenging. MiterSet provides a great solution for this problem.

How does MiterSet work?

MiterSet is a block with a series of holes that enable you to perfectly set the standard miter gauge for your table saw. The MiterSet Standard allows you to set your miter gauge from .5-degree to 52.5-degrees in .5-degree increments. MiterSet Segments enables you to set your miter gauge for up to 20 perfect segments. Both devices allow you to set your miter gauge left or right. The miter gauge slot is ¾” wide.

Using MiterSet

To use MiterSet, start by loosening the head of your miter gauge. Place the two pins in the appropriate MiterSet holes, depending on what angle you’re trying to achieve. Put the miter gauge bar in the miter slot, and slide the miter gauge forward so the head contacts both pins. Lock the head in place. Your angle is set, and you’ll be making picture frames in no time.

Making cuts

An important part of making frames is getting each component of the frame accurately cut to length. The best way to do this is with a stop block on your miter gauge. Once this is set up, you’re ready to cut your frame parts.

Other woodworking joints

Knowing how to accurately create joints is a very important part of woodworking. Be sure to have a look at the great info on joinery that’s available on

More info

For more info on MiterSet visit the company’s website.

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