• 7:24

    Creating a Waterfall Edge

    Waterfall edges add a beautiful, and slightly mystifying, touch to furniture. When done correctly the grain will flow, continuously, from a horizontal surface to a vertical surface. Waterfall edges are commonly used for table tops and legs, but can be used any place you’re creating a corner. Tools required When you cut a waterfall edge…

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  • 3:26

    Jointing A Box Top

    If you’ve ever built a wooden box you know that it is virtually impossible to get the four sides to align perfectly along the top, even if you have executed your joinery flawlessly. It is quite common that you will end up with small ridges in each corner where the pieces meet, and if you…

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  • 12:51

    2022 Product Showcase/Shaper Origin and Hub

    Have you seen the Shaper Origin? It’s pretty amazing. It offers the power of a CNC router in a hand-held unit. It uses tape you place on the work surface to determine its location and active motion control to precisely make the cuts you need. We’ve got a great video that helps explain exactly how…

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  • 11:04

    2022 Product Showcase/MiterSet

    Cutting miters on a table saw can be really challenging. Getting the saw’s miter gauge accurately set can make even the most patient woodworker go a little nuts. MiterSet offers a really nice solution for this problem. There are two products available MiterSet offers two different products. The MiterSet Standard helps you set your miter…

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  • 8:37

    2022 Product Showcase/Kreg Foreman

    Pocket holes provide an amazingly fast and easy way to create woodworking joints. The Kreg Foreman lets you create pocket holes SO fast. If you use pocket holes you should have a look at this tool. The specs The Kreg Foreman works with material from ½” to 1-½” thick. The fence is easily adjustable to…

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  • Using route table as a joiner

    Kreg 520 Pro vs 720 Pro

    Kreg’s 520 Pro and 720 Pro are both great pocket hole jigs, but they offer different features. If you’ve been thinking…Hmm, the 520 Pro vs the 720 Pro, what gives? We’re here to help you out. This video explains the differences and commonalities between these two jigs. Overview Both jigs do a great job of…

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  • Using a router table as a joiner

    Use Your Router Table as a Jointer

    The starting point for most projects is creating a perfectly straight, smooth and square edge on your boards. This is especially true when you’re gluing boards edge to edge. Want a seamless glue joint? You need to start with a good edge. If you have a router table, you also have a jointer, the perfect…

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  • Pocket hole joint assembly

    Easy Pocket Hole Joint Assembly

    After you’ve drilled pocket holes in your project, it’s time to assemble the joints. There are a bunch of things you can do to guarantee success with your assembly. Pick the right screws It’s very important that you choose the right screw to assemble pocket hole joints. There are lots of different screws you can…

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  • Kumiko woodworking

    Kumiko Woodworking

    Kumiko is a beautiful Japanese technique developed in 600-700 AD that involves assembling thin wooden pieces without the use of nails. Pieces are grooved, punched and mortised before being individually fitted using a plane, saw, chisel and other tools for fine adjustments. Steve Rothwell has been doing Kumiko for quite some time and joined us…

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