Measuring Mistakes

Duration: 43:40

Have you ever miscalculated or measured incorrectly and ended up ruining a woodworking project? Of course you have! Everyone does it; even the experts. In this week’s free video, Measuring Mistakes, George Vondriska and Spike Carlsen swap woodworking horror stories and prove that you shouldn’t panic if you make a mistake; they’re just part of the learning process.

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2 Responses to “Measuring Mistakes”
  1. ERIC

    My friend, to make me feel better about a minor miscalculation, simply said, “That’s why wedges were invented. They help level the playing field.”

  2. Mario

    When I do a mistake that either cost me money or time, I unplug everything. Go to the kitchen, make fresh coffee. Sit for 20 minutes and think about anything else but the mistake.