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How to Build a Cedar Planter Box

George Vondriska
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Duration:   17  mins

When spring hits, it’s time to get those outdoor plants going so let WWGOA show you how to build a cedar planter box. It’s a lot of fun to plant flowers or veggies (and it’s a great thing to do with kids) and it’s even more fun when you’re putting them in a planter that you built.


This planter is made completely out of cedar 1x12s. To give the planter its compound angle look everything is cut at 10-degrees. This looks complex, but can be easily done on the miter saw or table saw. The front and back are 28” long at the long point, and the ends at 14-½” long. A 10’ long board will make all of the parts required for the planter. The ends of the front and back are rabbeted. The bottom is cut to fit and gets ¼” holes drilled through it for drainage. Pay careful attention to the video and the way the parts are cut to make sure you can get all of your pieces out of the 10’ board.

Glue Choice

The best glue for this project is Titebond III. Once you fill the planter with soil and get plants going, you’re going to have a constantly damp environment. That’s what makes Titebond III a great choice. It’s waterproof, so it’ll tolerate the moisture, no problem.

Other Outdoor Projects

Did you enjoy making this planter? We’ve got lots more outdoor projects for you. You can build a standing planter box, and have a look at lots of other woodworking projects for the garden.

More Info

For more information on Titebond III visit their website or call (800) 347-4583.

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4 Responses to “How to Build a Cedar Planter Box”

  1. Alan Setzer

    Which watching your video my wife saw the planter box and ask me to make her one. I was not able to find a 1X12X10' cedar board at my locate big box store. So I bought 2 - 1X6X12 boards and cut to 11' and then did a straight edge with a router (using your technique for long boards) and glued them up over night. I ended up with a board 1X11X11 (since the boards were 5.5", not 6" wide). Will the dimensions and cuts be the same for 11" board as a 12" wide board?

  2. Vinay Joseph

    Is there an appropriate rabbet router bit for this project?

  3. Ryan Huffman

    Is cedar pretty resistant to the elements? Can this box be left out in the open (not under cover) or should some kind of finish be applied for uncovered outdoor locations?


    Shouldn't the box be lined with some sort of landscape fabric to prevent the soil from falling out the drain holes?

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