The Super Max 16-32 Surface Sander


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Surface sanders, also called drum sanders, have really come a long way. It’s not that long ago that you’d only find surface sanders in large, commercial shops. Today, sanders have become way more prevalent in small shops, and way more accessible to woodworkers.

SuperMax has been a name in the surface sander world for a long time. I saw the SuperMax 16-32 at a woodworking show, and couldn’t wait to check it out up close. I finally got that chance. Here’s your look at the machine.

In general, I like having a surface sander because it speeds up my woodworking, and does a great job on dust collection. It’s lots faster to feed project parts through a sander than it is to run a random orbit sander over every piece. To be fair you’ll still have to do some random orbit work, but very little is required following a surface sander. And, with a good dust collector, you’ll see very little airborne wood dust.

With regards to the 16-32 in particular, here’s some stuff I really like:

  • Quick advance on height changes. No need to spin the handwheel a million times. Just use the quick move lever when you’re going from thin to thick to thin.
  • Folding infeed and outfeed tables. Don’t need ‘em? Fold them out of the way.
  • IntelliSand. The machine automatically reduces the feed rate on the conveyor if you’re trying to take off too much material per pass.
  • Easy to sand wide parts. This machine handles material up to 32” wide. It’s very easy to do a reset on the sanding head to allow this.

For more info

Want to know more about SuperMax Tools and the 16-32? Visit, or call (888) 454-3401.


Sanding is a necessary part of woodworking. And there’s more to it than just rubbing sandpaper back and forth on your projects. Learn more by watching more videos on sanding.

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