George Vondriska

Fall 2023 Showcase: Woodmaster-Making Molding

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins

Woodmaster Tools are very interesting. They pack so many things in a small footprint. The machine is a planer, drum sander, molder and rip saw. You can literally take material from rough sawn stock to molding by simply doing changeovers on one machine.

Making your own molding is a great addition to the shop. There are a bunch of reasons for doing this. At the simplest level it’s crazy cool to be able to make every aspect of a project yourself, including the custom trim. When you’re working with less conventional materials you may find that you can’t get matching trim and molding. No problem, you can make it yourself on your Woodmaster. Looking to monetize your shop space? A Woodmaster machine can help you do that by creating custom moldings for customers.

Infinitely variable speed gives you the control you need for each of the operations a Woodmaster can do. And a large motor (5 hp or 7.5 hp, depending on model) will power through your woodworking tasks.

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