George Vondriska

WWGOA Cutting Board Challenge 2023

George Vondriska
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Duration:   53  mins

Join George Vondriska, Elisha Albretsen, Char Miller-King, and Paul Mayer for an exciting LIVE panel discussion on the best practices for crafting cutting boards. This special event comes just in time for you to kickstart your cutting board projects as thoughtful holiday gifts. Get ready to be inspired!

Additionally, we’ve put together a collection of how-to videos, guiding you through the process of making various cutting boards, including end grain designs and crafting juice grooves. Make sure to sign up for access to the free videos and plans.

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Follow Paul Mayer as Toolmetrix on Instagram and YouTube.


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One Response to “WWGOA Cutting Board Challenge 2023”

  1. Dave Jones

    Great video! What solution should I use for the craft stick board so that the die does not fade or bleed? Thx, Dave

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