George Vondriska

Harvey Big Eye: Upgrade Your Rip Fence

George Vondriska
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Duration:   3  mins

Here at WWGOA we frequently hear, “I’ve got a nice table saw, but the fence is marginal.” What can you do? The answer to that is to upgrade the fence. And the answer to upgrading your fence could be the Harvey Big Eye Fence.

The Big Eye fence has some innovative features: a great cursor, front and rear locks, multiple positions for the fence so it matches your cuts, built in stops for accurate repetitive positioning and more.

The fence can be retrofitted to a variety of table saws. Contact Harvey Industrial for specific info on compatibility with your table saw.

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One Response to “Harvey Big Eye: Upgrade Your Rip Fence”

  1. robert

    What would be the best way to add an outfeed with this fence attached

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