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Piranha FX by Next Wave Automation

George Vondriska
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Benchtop CNC machines have really taken the woodworking industry by storm. The Piranha FX from Next Wave Automation is a great example of innovation in the woodworking industry. It’s a CNC machine that is capable of cutting wood, plus plenty of other materials, AND it’s a laser engraver, AND it’s a 3D printer. XYZ travel on the machine is 12” x 13” x 3”.

All Under One Roof

The more we looked at the Piranha FX, the more sense it made. You’re already using software to create designs for CNC machining. And you’ve got a machine that’s capable of moving in X, Y, and Z axes. Why not take advantage of that technology and use it for laser engraving and 3D printing?

Changing Functions

Swapping functions on the Piranha FX is easy. The laser and 3D printer mount into the router collet. The router itself won’t be running while you’re using the laser and 3D printer. It’s simply used as a mounting device.


The Piranha FX comes with all necessary software. Design on your PC is done using VCarve Desktop 8. Completed designs are saved to a flash drive, which plugs into a pendant on the machine.


The business end of this machine is a trim router, which is not included with the Piranha FX. Next Wave recommends a Bosch, DeWalt, Porter Cable, or similar palm router.

Keeping you Up to Date

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Piranha FX provided by Next Wave Automation. For more information visit

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