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  • Yeti smart bench

    New Product: Yeti Smart Bench

    Every once in a while, I come across a tool that makes my jaw drop. The Yeti SmartBench, $5,995, is a great example. It’s a portable CNC that’s capable of cutting 4’ x 8’ sheets. What looks like an aluminum sawhorse or scaffold is a fully operational, small footprint, portable CNC router. Broken down, the…

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  • Slab stitcher

    Product Review: Slab Stitcher

    Cutting bowties into slabs, cookies, tabletops… is quite the rage. Slab Stitcher has created a complete package for this process that includes the required templates, guide bushing, router bit, AND the bowties. Complete starter kits as shown here range in price from $80 to $115. A handful of companies make templates. What’s unique about Slab…

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  • Wood working product

    Cool Products from AWFS

    I love going to tool shows. I attended AWFS 2019 in Las Vegas, and here are some of the great products I spotted while I was there. Hollowing Chisels and Wire Burning Kit Easy Wood Tools is ready to help you turn smarter, not harder. They’re Mini Hollower Set, $286, is designed for smaller-scale hollow…

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  • Do I Really Need an Impact Driver

    Do I Really Need an Impact Driver?

    Not to spoil the vido, but yes, you do need an impact driver, right away. Stop reading. Go to the store, buy an impact driver and thank me later. If you feel the need to understand why, read on. Why Do I need an Impact Driver? Impact drivers are creating a lot of buzz on…

  • Jointer and Planer

    The Difference Between a Jointer and Planer

    Beginning woodworkers all ask this basic question: What is the difference between a jointer and a planer? The answer is simple, a lot! And is there such a thing as a Jointer Planer? No! So, what is the difference? Each machine does a completely different surfacing operation. A jointer flattens a face or straightens and…

  • Two men with chisels

    Chisel Buying Advice

    Purchasing new tools can be a daunting task. In this video, George answers a question from one of our Woodworkers Guild of America community members, giving his advice on how to purchase chisels. What can you expect to pay when buying chisels? Are some chisels better quality than others? Find the answers to these questions…

  • Wood clamps

    Product Spotlight: Bessey Clamps

    When we come across products that we really like, we like to tell you about them. And that’s the deal with the new Bessey Revo clamps. You wouldn’t think a company could progress much with something as simple as a clamp, but Bessey has done it. Lots of other features Let’s have a look at…

  • Man with ear protectors

    Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Looking for the perfect gift for the woodworker in your life? With Father’s Day right around the corner, this is timely. But whatever the event, your favorite woodworker is certain to love these gift ideas.

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  • Drill press

    Product Review: Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press

    Lots of tools cross our paths, and every once in a while a tool really grabs our attention. The Nova drill press is a great example of that. What makes it cool? Let’s jump right into one of my most-loved features on this machine; electronic variable speed. No step pulleys, no belt to move…Changing speeds…

  • Using jaw clamps

    Benefits of Parallel Jaw Clamps

    If you’re working wood, you’re probably clamping parts together. That means you need to have good quality clamps in your shop. It’s really hard to beat the benefits of parallel jaw clamps. Why parallel jaw clamps? I tell you what. The feature I like the best about parallel jaw clamps is that the jaws stay…