George Vondriska

Build a Tiled Table Part 3: Sand, Finish, and Install the Tile

George Vondriska
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Duration:   5:00   mins

In the final installation of our three-part series on building a tiled sofa table, George vondriska teaches you how to sand and finish the wooden carcass of the table and then install the tile into the frame that you created in the second step. He demonstrates the proper technique for using a handheld sander to remove any milling marks or pencil lines, CA glue and sawdust to fill cracks leftover from your mitering, and hot glue to affix the tile top to the table. And tada, you have a handsome table to set your cups and bottles on without the need for a coaster.

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11 Responses to “Build a Tiled Table Part 3: Sand, Finish, and Install the Tile”


    I feel like I hear you say in the video that you flip the top of the table before attaching it to the legs and rails and after installing the MDF piece into the top piece. Is that right? Do you put the MDF piece in placed on the rabbets that were cut then flip the whole top of the table before attaching it to the rails and legs?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Nathan,

      Here’s what the experts had to say about your question:

      Yes, your description of the process is exactly right.

      Wood Workers Guild of America Video Membership

  2. Rick

    George, I’m a fairly newcomer to woodworking and in the process of building this table, how did you fasten the 1/4″ mdf to the bottom of the top? I really enjoy your videos on this project

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Rick. Pocket screws secure the MDF to the table frame. The trim around the perimeter of the MDF is fastened with 18 gauge brads and wood glue.

  3. Christopher Hudson

    Great project, George. But following up on Ed’s water spill comment, may I suggest replacing the MDF tile substrate with 1/4 ply? I think its prudent practice to avoid MDF entirely on anything that has a chance of getting wet – unless maybe you want a raised tile top…

  4. Jeff Bourne

    Did you roundover or somehow soften the outer edges of the table top? From the video image, that appears to be the case, but I saw no mention of that in the videos.

    • WWGOA Team

      Thank you for your question. Use a ¼” round over bit on the outside corners of the frame.

  5. Ed Sanet

    I would be concerned about liquid spills dripping between the tile and the frame.

    • George Vondriska

      After the finish is one put a bead of silicone caulk between the tile and the wood frame, and you’ll be sealed against spills.

  6. David W. Howard

    awesome 3 part series. simple construction and assembly. I made a coffee table with 12 inch floor tiles and this gives me some good ideas for an end table. thanks

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