Make a Hummingbird Feeder


“Hey, that project is for the birds!” In this case, it really is. This hummingbird feeder is a great lathe project, and will make a great gift. It also teaches some great turning techniques, including making a jam chuck in order to mount the turning.

Hummingbird Feeder
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10 Responses to “Make a Hummingbird Feeder”
  1. Charlie Ferrara

    Still not finding the resource for the test tubes
    The description link is for a turners catalog. Not finding any test tubes.


    George, you decided against mounting the blank with the live center in the hole and a drive spur because the blank might split? Or why not?

    • WWGOA Team

      Hi there, using the jam chuck allows me to finish the top of the feeder. The screw eye goes right into the hole left by the live center. If you don’t own a four jaw chuck you could mount the blank with a spur center holding what will be the top, and a cone center in the 1” hole in the bottom, provided the cone center is large enough. You’ll have to do a little more work off the lathe so remove the excess wood the spur center was engaged in.

  3. fiberinspector

    Where can I get the hot glue type you used. I have looked and looked around for a better hot glue than what I can get from the crafter’s isle

    • Customer Service

      The hot glue gun used on the hummingbird feeder is the Titebond HiPur glue gun. It uses hot melt polyurethane glue.

  4. Kirk Myers

    Hey. New Member. I enjoyed the video. About how much is the Lathe that you were using, and do you ever show any sandblasting techniques?


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