George Vondriska

Fall 2022 Product Showcase: Mullet Cyclone

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins

You’ve probably experienced this: you’re using your shop vacuum and the more you use it the less effectively it works. What’s happening is that some of the dust that’s going into the barrel of the shop vacuum is ending up on the filter, clogging it. If air can’t get out of your shop vacuum, through the filter, it can’t get into your vacuum. That means the vac won’t be as effective.

Introducing, the Mullet

No, don’t run out and get a haircut. This Mullet is a cyclonic separator that goes inline between your shop vacuum and the hose. It removes 99% of the airborne dust before it gets to your vac. If the dust never gets to your vac barrel, it can’t clog the filter. We first saw the Mullet at IWF 2022, and were very impressed by it.

One piece design

The Mullet Cyclone is molded as one piece so there are no seams or gaps where you might lose air flow. This is part of what makes the system so efficient.

Fitting to your vac

The instructions that come with the unit are great, and make it easy to connect to nearly any shop vacuum. Once you’ve cut a vertical pipe that comes with the Mullet you simply insert a T and connect to your vac.

About those connections

Thumb screws solidify all the connections between the hose the Mullet, and between the Mullet and your vac. That means you can still use the vac hose like a leash to pull the Mullet/vac combo around your shop, and easily disconnect to empty the Mullet.

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One Response to “Fall 2022 Product Showcase: Mullet Cyclone”

  1. Norbert

    Nice pickup… HOWEVER can you show the filter before and after and tap off the filter to show the ‘micro dust’ … that small dust is the issue in clogging the filter .. at least in my experience

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