George Vondriska

Building a Box with Barrel Sides: Part 2

George Vondriska
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Duration:   20  mins

This instructional video will show you just how easy building a box can be. Even better, it’s a box with curved sides, with adds a very interesting detail. If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to watch Part 1 of this project series prior to watching this video.

Getting ready for a top and bottom

The edges of the glued up box need to be perfectly in plane with each other, or the top and bottom won’t join correctly. Sanding will take care of this, but it’s important to use the specific sanding trick we show you to make sure everything is PERFECTLY flat.

Laying out curves

The curves for your box may be slightly different than the curves we used when building a box on our video. But don’t worry, we’ll show you how to calculate the curves that your box requires. Pay particular attention to making certain you don’t cut into the box interior when cutting the curves.

Bandsaw boxes

If you enjoyed this technique for building a box, you may also enjoy making bandsaw boxes. Bandsaw boxes can be amazing, with the entire box usually coming out of one piece of wood.

Be safe

We want to make sure you’re using your bandsaw, and all of your tools, safely. Before working through this project you may want to go through a bandsaw safety refresher.

Building a Box with Barrel Sides: Part 1

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3 Responses to “Building a Box with Barrel Sides: Part 2”

  1. imran sajan

    Nice project. Question regarding the markings and cut on the bandsaw. George has a mark at the rabbet joint, as the starting point of the curve. He then proceeds to follow the curve on the bandsaw cut. Does that not loosen the joint? I am missing something here? Thank you

  2. Joe

    Well done, George. Walnut stripe on the maple box might also look good. Is there any reason you did not make the stripes flow into each other from side-to-side to form a continuous stripe around the box?

  3. njs36

    I loved the barrel side box. Awesome idea. Mine would have to be very small due to having a bench top band saw, but I bet they would be cute. I wonder if a paper glue joint instead of ca would work just as well.

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