George Vondriska

Building a Box with Barrel Sides: Part 1

George Vondriska
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Duration:   11  mins

Be careful. Once you build one of these cool projects everyone is going to want one. It’s a great looking box that looks way more complex than it is. You’ll find that building a box is pretty darn easy to do. This is a two-part video, so be sure to catch both parts to get all of the instruction.

Glue up

The first step in building a box is gluing up blanks for the box. The finished box has a nice accent stripe in it, and the accent needs to go in at this step in the procedure. As you’re cutting the curve for the accent, be sure it’s a gentle curve that your stripe will bend to.

Project dimensions

Using pieces greater than ¾” thick will allow you to cut a more dramatic curve in the box sides. The completed box is 5” x 5” x 8”, with ¼” deep rabbets joining the corners.


Remember that using a thick glue can help prevent glue from squeezing into the inside of the box. This is important, as it’s hard to clean up the interior if it’s got lots of squeeze out in it. There are lots of tips and tricks involved in assembling projects, and WoodWorkers Guild of America has plenty of great content that covers how to glue wood together, along with general tips for choosing glue and gluing up woodworking projects.

Building a Box with Barrel Sides: Part 2

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4 Responses to “Building a Box with Barrel Sides: Part 1”

  1. James

    It certainly wouldn't be necessary for the box, but is there any reason it couldn't be constructed with dovetail joints? Complete overkill, but I'm thinking to use this as a learning experience.

  2. Anthony

    Wouldn't it be easier to use strap clamps instead of f-clamps?

  3. roger

    Do you feel that mitered ends would be strong enough for this box... I think it would look better. Roger

  4. roger

    Thank You for this inspirational video !!! Tips and tricks videos are great, but many of us require this type of video. Not that we need the box in this case, but just to follow you along will keep us busy in the shop and experience the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when complete. So we will think lets try another one with different types of wood or whatever to keep us active and creative. Thanks again...... more please !!! Roger

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