You Should Know About Lever Clamps

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You may have a boat load of clamps in your shop that have screw threads. As you spin a handle the threads turn and tighten or loosen the clamp. Lever clamps are completely different. They have more of a gear/ratchet/cam system. As you move the lever an offset cam puts pressure on the clamp head, which in turn puts pressure on your work. The ratchet system locks the cam in place until you release the clamp.

Easy to apply pressure

One of the benefits of lever clamps is that they make it VERY easy to apply pressure. If you have any hand issues that make it difficult to spin the handles on conventional clamps, lever clamps may be a great clamping solution for you. Pulling the lever to apply pressure and hitting the release to let go of pressure is very simple.

One handed

Thanks to the way the lever clamps work, it’s easy to use them one handed. Slide the head toward your work, then manipulate the lever to apply tension. This is great for scenarios where you need to hold your work with one hand and clamp it with the other.

Hold down for your workbench

One of my favorite applications of a lever clamp is as a bench hold down. Slip it onto a dog hole in your bench, slide your work under the clamp, and apply clamp pressure. What a convenient and easy way to hold your work in place.

Bessey, of course, makes many different styles of clamps. This video will help you select which clamp is best for the task and hand.

More info

For more info on Bessey Clamps visit the company’s website or call (800) 828-1004.

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