WWGOA LIVE! January 2019

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Duration: 1:03:10

It was chilly outside, but plenty warm in the shop. Thanks for all the great questions you sent in.

:25 Spalted maple bowl
3:00 New shop direction
4:20 Reading grain direction
7:00 Ripping narrow stock/cutting aluminum
Rockler thin rip jig
14:00 Aluminum cutting saw blade
15:20 Cleaning router bits CMT 2050
16:30 Banding a large table top
17:50 Cleaning residue from power rasps
19:20 Veneering bow front doors
19:40 Tung oil over water based stain?
21:00 Shop made PVC storage containers
21:50 Ipe cutting board?
23:00 Prepping green bowl blanks
25:55 Aligning hinges on small chests
26:16 Bamboo cutting boards?
27:00 Platinum Live Class
28:00 CNC buying advice
29:50 Grinding wheel for lathe chisels
30:30 Feed and speed for CNC
31:15 Veneering problems
33:00 Flatten boards with a plane or planer sled?
34:30 Sharpen table saw blades, or dispose of them?
36:00 Bandsaw blade advice
37:25 IsoTunes…foam or rubber ear piece?
38:00 Tent as a spray booth?
39:30 George’s classes
39:55 Cutting aluminum on a SawStop
41:30 Assembling miters on a box Quick and Thick Glue
42:00 Types of bandsaw tires
43:00 Projects with persimmon
43:20 How do you know when a saw blade is dull
45:20 Mixing woods for a stool seat
45:40 Bandsaw blade “fishtailing”
46:00 Shop made spray booth
47:30 Titebond Extend
48:00 Resorcinal?
48:50 Bandsaw drifts left
50:37 Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in George’s shop
51:28 Making a table saw fence parallel to the blade
56:40 Lubricating blades and bits
57:15 Bevels on panels
58:20 Sliding table on SawStop saw
58:39 Three phase in George’s shop?
59:40 Stain for walnut?
60:00 George’s upcoming teaching schedule

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3 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! January 2019”

  1. Mike Monaghan

    Hi George from Ida MI. Which ear tips do you use for your Iso-Tunes Pro. The foam tips or the rubber one’s

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