George Vondriska

Using Toggle Clamps in Your Shop

George Vondriska
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Woodworkers like making woodworking jigs. It makes sense since jigs make woodworking easier and, often, safer. Here are two jigs that take advantage of the holding power that toggle clamps offer, and a third application for a toggle clamp that will make it easier to secure work on your benchtop CNC router.

Woodworking toggle clamps

Toggle clamps offer a lot of benefits. They provide holding power that your fingers can’t, and can go places that you shouldn’t send your hands. It’s a great idea to keep some spare toggle clamps on hand in your shop so that, when you need them for your woodworking jigs, you have them. Remember that they’re capable of providing holding pressure from a variety of directions, and come in various sizes. Make sure you’re getting the right woodworking toggle clamp for your application.

Table saw jig

The table saw jig we show you in this instructional video is used for cutting tapered furniture legs. Check out this video that covers how to build one if you need one of these jigs for your shop. WoodWorkers Guild of America has lots of great videos and articles that cover table saw tips and techniques.

Woodshop projects

If you like making improvements to your shop, we’ve got you very well covered. From woodworking jigs to shop cabinets to nesting saw horses, WoodWorkers Guild of America offers a broad selection of woodshop projects.

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One Response to “Using Toggle Clamps in Your Shop”

  1. Edward

    The use of the cut into the coping saw sled as a setup gauge was something I haven't seen or thought of before - great idea and thank you very much!

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