Turning Large Wooden Bowls

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Turning large wooden bowls is a blast! However it requires some special set up. In this instructional video the bowl blank started as a log, which is then mounted on a four-jaw chuck for turning. We’ll provide you with what you need to know about special requirements for turning large wooden bowls. Important aspects of working with large chunks of wood include speed control, working with off center blanks, and taking advantages of the ability to reverse.

Buying advice

Different lathes offer different features. For turning large bowls look for a heavy machine with variable speed, a robust tool rest, and reverse capabilities. For really large work it’s also great if the headstock can slide into a position that allows you to turn a bowl outboard.

Working with green wood

In all likelihood a large blank like this will come from a log, meaning the wood is green, and dripping wet. We’ll discuss some options for preventing the bowl from cracking as it dries.

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For more information on the Laguna Revo 18/36 Lathe go to www.lagunatools.com, or call (800) 234-1976

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