George Vondriska

Solutions for Gluing on Edge Banding With Clamps

George Vondriska
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Lots of projects call for some kind of edge banding. The edge banding might be thin pieces you’re applying to European style cabinet cases, slightly larger pieces you’re applying to the edge of a shelf to make it more rigid, or exceptionally thick pieces being added to a bar or table edge. All of these instances call for clamping strategies that allow you to successfully pull the edge band tight, and this can be a challenge. Here are gluing and clamping wood solutions for a variety of edge band applications, some of which include use of an edge clamp, while others use bar clamps.

Different solutions for different applications

Thin edge banding that’s being used on a Euro style cabinet has much different clamping requirements than heavier edge banding that’s being used on a table or bar top. Add to the mix the clamping problem of spanning an especially wide board that you’re edge banding, or a curved edge. These applications really allow an edge clamp to shine, and show how it’s the right tool for the job. Regardless of the edge banding or edge clamp application you’re up against, there’s a solution that will help you make your woodworking project come out great.>

Once the banding is on…

Now that you’ve seen some great ways to get edge banding onto your project parts, you need to know the next step. Edge banding is typically applied over size, and trimmed later. That means that, once the glue is dry, you need to know how trim edge banding.

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4 Responses to “Solutions for Gluing on Edge Banding With Clamps”

  1. Alan

    ‬ The banding is wider than the ply, so why doesn't it shift when placed down on the clamps?

  2. George

    Hi In the 'good old days' I would glue and pin all banding. The old fish glue was good but not anywhere near as strong and watertight bond as we get with a PVA adhesive. George

  3. Jeffrey

    Great..... More clamps to buy. But I gotta have some of those Bessy edge banding clamps. How cool are those!!!

  4. dwayne

    Why am i unable to watch most of your videos

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