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Shopbot Desktop MAX ATC

George Vondriska
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I was thrilled to see the ShopBot Desktop MAX ATC CNC router at the 2019 AWFS show. I’m already enthralled by the work that benchtop CNC routers can do. Add ATC to a CNC machine, and you’re really cooking with gas.

What’s an ATC?

ATC stands for automatic tool changer. Instead of the operator manually changing bits for each tool path, the machine does it automatically. The ShopBot Desktop MAX ATC is one of the first CNC routers in its category to add a tool changer. Cool stuff.

How automatic is it?

Once you have the bits installed in the collets (you can use up to six different bits) the software “knows” when to do a tool change, and which tool to grab. Z is set for each bit through an automated function in the control panel and, of course, the XY doesn’t change. So once you push the go button the spindle moves to correct cutter, picks it up and moves off to run the toolpath. Rinse and repeat. When it needs the next bit it automatically returns to the tool dock and grabs it.

What does the system need?

The ShopBot Desktop MAX ATC is a 120-volt tool. You’ll need to connect an air compressor that provides 4 SCFM at 90 psi for the tool changer.

Machine specs

The deck is 24” x 36” with a Z of 3-½”. It includes an air-cooled spindle and cut at up to 4” per second. It uses ER16 collets.

More CNC info

Want to learn to make a project on your CNC? Check out this tutorial that teaches you how to make an oval box with a textured lid.

More info:

For more info on this machine visit the ShopBot website or contact them at (888) 680-4466.

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