George Vondriska

Make an Oval Box and Textured Lid with a CNC

George Vondriska
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Duration:   47  mins

The oval box project taught in this video is a great CNC project. You’ll learn how to create an oval (which is really easy to do with software). The wall thickness of the box is created with an offset function, and we’ll transfer the oval used for the base of the box to the lid, to make sure they’re a perfect fit.

Making the lid

The lid of our oval box has some great features. It’s domed, and it’s textured. You’ll learn how to create the dome and apply the texture to it. You’ll also see how to cut the exterior shape, and use tabs to hold the lid in place.

The box

Once the lid is complete we’ll transfer the oval that defines the lid to the base to make sure they’re exactly the same size. We’ll use the offset function again to create the wall thickness of the box, and set up the software to excavate the waste out of the box interior, and through cut the exterior, again using tabs.

On to the CNC

We use a unique, but very effective, means of securing our material to the CNC spoil board. With the board set in place you’ll learn how to install router bits and zero the X,Y, and Z axes.

More about CNCs

We cover a lot of information in this video, but we’ve got more information if you’re hungry for more about programming a CNC machine. We can also help you out if simply want to learn more about a benchtop CNC.

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One Response to “Make an Oval Box and Textured Lid with a CNC”

  1. Joni

    This is a great video, thank you for explaining it in detail. I am new to CNC and needed soming just like this! You explained V-Carve as well. Thank you!

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