George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! March 2019

George Vondriska
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Duration:   58  mins

Lots of ground covered on this live stream. From CNC work to finishing, there was a little bit of everything. Thanks for joining us.

2:03 Dust collection on bandsaws
4:00 The “I too shall something make…” sign in George’s shop
5:50 Sealing fir for an outdoor project
7:20 Cutting a triangle into a board
9:25 Treated lumber for raised beds?
9:52 Door casings on the router table
11:00 Wood conditioner or shellac?
11:50 Make your own dowels and loose tenon material
12:50 Cutting walnut logs into lumber
13:50 Bench chisel recommendation
15:15 Nova DVR lathe
16:10 Dovetail jig recommendations Porter Cable and Rockler
16:35 Restoring a teak chair
18:35 CNC starter bit set
19:00 Videos on Leigh Jig?
19:15 Dominoes or Kreg Jig?
20:20 Scroll saw insert bounces
20:41 After market table saw fence
21:27 Marking logs for cutting
23:45 Tips for flush trimming face frames
26:50 CNC spoilboard
27:15 Burning from table saw cuts
29:20 Changing feed speed on an Axiom CNC
31:20 How to get sponsors for woodworking videos
32:05 Bigger better in a shop vacuum?
32:46 Delta miter saw?
33:00 Hearing protection
33:25 No videos on scroll saws
33:40 TPI for resawing
34:00 Pipe clamps vs parallel jaw clamps
35:00 Relief cuts on shop made door casing?
35:45 Chamfer bit for miter cuts?
36:20 SuperMax brush sander
37:30 Soundproofing a basement shop
38:45 Learning curve on SketchUp
40:00 Laguna bandsaw and Carter bearings?
44:44 ¾ blade on bandsaw
42:50 Shop vacuum for dust collection?
45:10 Adjustable height shop table?
46:40 Soundproofing a dust collector?
47:50 Poly over epoxy?
49:50 Lube for granite table saw top
51:40 Beginner lathe?
53:00 Shellac and dewaxed shellac
54:45 Jointer/planer combo? Jay’s Custom Creations
55:30 Material for ladder
56:40 Reinforce a glue joint?
57:30 Flattening slabs on a CNC

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