George Vondriska

HVLP Sprayer Techniques for Your Woodshop

George Vondriska
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Duration:   9  mins

If you’re making woodworking projects, you need to put finish on them. This may have you interested in an HVLP sprayer for your shop. HVLP (high volume low pressure) sprayers have really advanced in recent years. One of the largest benefits of HVLP is the limited overspray you get when using them.

The package

The HVLP sprayer we’re using is connected to a turbine. The turbine provides air to the gun. More importantly, it’s clean air, No water, no oil, both of which can be by-products of using compressed air for spraying finishes.

Controlling an HVLP sprayer

There are a handful of variables that you need to control on a spray gun in order to get a good finish; the air cap, nozzle size, fan width, fluid control, and air supply. We’ll show you what each of those controls does, and how to use them to make sure you’re getting a great finish out of your spray gun.

What finish?

HVLP sprayers are capable of handling a wide variety of finishes, from lacquer to shellac to paint. There are, admittedly, a confusing array of finishes available. It’s important that you educate yourself about these products to make certain you’re choosing the right finish, getting the protection you need for your woodworking project, and understanding the application differences between the finishes.

Dealing with Dust

Most of us are applying finish in the same room we’re using to make our projects; our shops. This can be problematic, as the dusty environment can make it very difficult to get a good finish. WoodWorkers Guild of America is here to help with tips on achieving a dust-free finish in your shop.

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5 Responses to “HVLP Sprayer Techniques for Your Woodshop”

  1. Gene

    what specifically is the flexible hose?

  2. frank_soranno

    I cannot afford a new system at this time but want to upgrade from my "Lowes" HVLP gun for my compressor. What is a GOOD quality gun. I have been researching and there are a lot of choices out there. I mostly make small furniture, toys, chests...

  3. mobilearth

    Why commercials when paying premium?

  4. Kenneth

    Great demo. I am going shopping for a Fuji minimite3! When is a top "gravity feed" desirable over a bottom feed cup type gun? Expect to finish interior doors, kitchen cabinets, vanities, furniture, built-ins etc.

  5. Frank Y

    Was is water-based finish being used on the table? Also, what do you do for ventilation when using the HVLP?

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