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Hearing Protection from ISOTunes

George Vondriska
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You’ve gotta protect your hearing. Most tools run around 105+ decibels. That needs to get toned down to 85 db or less to be safe. ISOTunes offers lots of products that’ll help you with this.

What is ISOTunes Aware Technology?

If you’re in a shop environment with other people you need to wear hearing protection and you need to be able to hear the people who are around you. The downside to good hearing protection is that it tunes everything out, tools and people alike.

With Aware technology voices are allowed through the hearing protection, but sounds that can damage your hearing are not. If you want this in an ear muff style, get the ISOTunes Link Aware. Don’t want earmuffs or a wire hanging around your next, get Free Aware. Wired earbuds so you can hang them around your neck when they’re not in your ears? ISOTunes Pro Aware.


All of the ISOTunes products provide a decibel reduction that will protect your hearing in a shop environment. The devices Bluetooth connect to your phone, allowing you to listen to music and take phone calls. Noise canceling pushes down background noise so that when you are on the phone people on the other end aren’t bothered by stuff that’s running in the background.


Watch for earmuffs that will be coming from ISOTunes that’ll offer all of these cool features, plus they’ll receive AM and FM. You can mow the lawn and listen to the baseball game on WGN.

We only looked at a few ISOTunes products here. Have a look at their family of hearing protection.

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