George Vondriska

Fall 2021 Product Showcase: Grizzly 9” Bandsaw

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins

There are a ton of great features on the Grizzly G0803Z bandsaw. This 9” saw has a quick release on blade tension, dust collection port, blower to keep dust off your line of cut, built in light and laser guide.

When changing blades it’s hard to beat having a quick release on the blade tension. Instead of turning and turning a handwheel or crank, you simply move a lever to release tension, put the new blade on, flip the lever back to the tension position and you’re good to go.

The dust collection port connects directly to a shop vac hose, and dust pick up is very good. The blower does a great job of keeping your line of cut clear of dust.

Bandsaws are often used for detail work so having a built in work light is a very valuable addition to a bandsaw. It helps keep your work area well lit so you can easily see your line and make accurate cuts.

The laser guide is cool. It projects in front of the blade so you can anticipate the blade’s position. This is another aspect of the saw that will help you increase your accuracy with this tool.

The G0803Z includes a fence and miter gauge. Using a bandsaw and its fence for ripping is great because the kerf on a bandsaw blade is so small, you waste very little wood to the cut.

How many times have you had a large blade on your bandsaw and had a need for a narrower blade? This saw would take care of that as a dedicated narrow blade saw.

Grizzly’s tool line goes well beyond bandsaws. Jointers, jointer/planer combos, dust collectors, table saws, and more. For more info on Grizzly tools visit the company’s website.

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One Response to “Fall 2021 Product Showcase: Grizzly 9” Bandsaw”

  1. Jon Tartt

    How do you adjust the tension on the blades? I have the exact same model. When I change to smaller blade I can’t get the smaller blade tight enough.

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