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Drill Stand and Cordless Drill Charging Station

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Watch this video to learn how to build your own cordless drill charging station and stand. This practical shop project features a drawer for tips, bits and other small items, sturdy shelves, and a handy power strip for quick plugins. We provide the step-by-step instructions so you can easily complete your project without cordless drill charging station plans. This video is essentially the plan to follow.


For strength and durability, we assembled this project using biscuit joinery. It’s fast and less fussy than some other methods, and this project is a perfect place to get in some practice using a biscuit joiner. Watch as we show when to use this tool’s fence and when you should go fenceless.

Pre-Assembly Details

Before you start putting your cordless drill charging station together, you will prepare the rails, cut a hole for the power-strip cord and mark curves.


This is when learning woodworking projects gets fun. After you do some sanding of the inside surfaces, it’s time to glue the parts together and clamp them square. In this video you’ll also learn how to use cauls to draw in the sides to make them square. Your cordless drill charging station is taking shape.

Make the Drawer

Now watch as we show you how to make a basic drawer with a nifty divider, plus how to use a low-angle block plane to create a chamfer on the drawer front.

Install the Outlet Strip

You’ll discover a cool tip for locating the screws that the power strip will snap onto. Here’s a hint: it involves a trip to the kitchen!
A bit of finish sanding, a coat of finish and it’s time to load up your cordless drill charging station and stand.

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