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Testing the Cordless Dremel Ultra Saw

George Vondriska
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Lots of people who work with their hands do more than one thing. Woodworking might be your primary hobby, but chances are you also work on cars, or fix up your house, or do plumbing repairs, or countless other DIY tasks. We had a look at Dremel’s new Ultra Saw to see if it could keep up with the large variety of tasks DIYers do. Spoiler alert, it can.


The Dremel Ultra Saw has a maximum depth capacity of ¾” and can be used to cut wood, metal, tile, plastic, laminate, masonry and more. It has soft start, which is great for better control of your cuts, and comes with a dust collection port that works well. A fence is included to simplify cuts being made parallel to an edge.

It’s cordless

You gotta love a cordless tool for DIY jobs. You never know when (or if) you’ll be near an outlet. The more extreme your DIY tasks get, the more important cordless becomes. The Ultra Saw comes with a 20-volt lithium ion battery.


The standard Dremel Ultra Saw kit includes a 4” carbide wood and plastic cutting blade, a 3-½” aluminum oxide metal cutting blade, and a 3-½” diamond tile cutting blade. A flush cutting blade, $12, is also available.

Overall this looks like a useful multi-task tool for DIY projects.

Another very handy Dremel tool is their Multi Max.

More info

For more information on the Dremel Ultra Saw US20V visit the company’s website.

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