Kreg Circle Saw Straight Edge Guide

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Duration: 3:54

It’s common to use a circular saw to cut sheet goods down to a manageable size. The challenge can be getting those cuts straight. In this video, George Vondriska demonstrates how Kreg Straight Edge Guides can help. Their adjustable aluminum straightedges provide a perfectly straight path that guides your circle saw for an even cut every time.


There are two versions of the Kreg Straight Edge Guide. The classic Straight Edge Guide spans material up to four feet, while the Straight Edge Guide XL spans material up to eight feet. Two-foot extensions are also available that allow you to extend the guides to the length you need.

Integrated Clamp Design

Toss your clamps aside! Both Kreg Straight Edge Guides feature an integrated, low-profile clamp system. With their integrated clamp design, nothing will get in the way of your circular saw as you’re making the cut.

Easy Alignment

Kreg Straight Edge Guides also feature a clever cut alignment system. Align the indicator arms with the layout lines on your material, push them out of the way, and accurately make your cut.


The Straight Edge Guide isn’t limited to use with just your circular saw, but can also be used with a router to make dadoes or grooves, or with a jig saw.

Advanced Options

Kreg has a wide variety of solutions for accurately cutting material to size. Check out their Adaptive Cutting System that uses a track and track saw, along with a task-specific bench to make accurate and repetitive cutting a breeze.

More Info

For more information on the Kreg Straight Edge Guide or Straight Edge Guide XL, visit their website.

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6 Responses to “Kreg Circle Saw Straight Edge Guide”

  1. woodtlb

    I see how this guide maybe easier to use and some positive aspects of this item, but what are the negative concerns?

    • Customer Service

      Hello. It depends what you want to compare it to. Relative to a a typical straight edge that you would clamp to your work and use as a guide, we do not note any disadvantages. If you compare it to an integrated track saw system, such as this one:

      you will notice advantages on the track saw of zero clearance cutting, saw locks into the track, and being able to set the track directly on the cut line with a track saw.
      Woodworkers Guild of America

  2. Mark Nienstadt

    I just don’t see those alignment extensions surviving in my shop very long.

  3. Bill Barker

    Although it appears to work really well on the 4 foot length I find that on an 8 foot length of the center of the guide will bow from the pressure of the saw blade may be up to an entire blade with so you’re not getting a perfect straight hitch. Supplemental bracing is often used. The question is will this Craig straight edge

  4. Jason

    Big change from the older version. No more cradle for the circular saw, no more edge for it to cut into. One question or issue I would point out is that if you don’t have both guides are not set same, your end cut is not going to be squared off properly. Going by your Cutting Plywood for Accuracy that uses the old Kreg Track.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Jason. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this. Yes, it would be a good idea to double check for square before making your cut.
      Woodworkers Guild of America

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