Build a Veneer-Faced Clock

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Duration: 10:54

Here’s a timely gift that you can make in no time. Following along with our instructional video you can easily build your own clock; a style of clock that can can live on a shelf or nightstand.

Skills learned

This project teaches you how to apply veneer, and how to use a caul to keep it flat. Since we’ll be using brass rod to denote the 12:00 position, you’ll learn what glue works best to bind the brass rod to the wooden clock face. If you’ve never assembled parts using a rub joint, here’s your chance. That’s how we’ll fasten the “kickstands” to the back of the clock.

Project specs

You can build your own clock using whatever dimensions you like. Here’s what we did. The face is ¾” x 7” x 7”. The kick stands are ⅝” thick, 4” long, 2-¼” at the wide point, ¾” at the narrow point, cut at a 10-degree angle. A ¼” chamfer around the clock faces finishes the edge.

More project ideas

WoodWorkers Guild of America has many great woodworking projects available. From simple to advanced, lathe work to cabinets to furniture, we’ve got you covered. If you’re in a time bind, check out our many last minute woodworking gifts. These are items you can build very quickly, and people will love them.

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4 Responses to “Build a Veneer-Faced Clock”

  1. William

    How do I begin to lay out the kick stands. Table saw, gig saw,router. Thanks, William

    • WWGOA Team

      The kickstand dimensions are at 6:36 in the video. George made his kick stands by putting 10-degree cuts on each end of a 10” long stick, then he used the provided layout from there. He did the other cuts with a bandsaw, and then sanded off the saw marks.(ZD: 3871)

    • WWGOA Team

      I haven’t had any problem with bowing on these clocks. I suspect that’s because the project is so small.

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