George Vondriska

Build a Live Edge Table: Part 3

George Vondriska
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Duration:   8  mins

This is Part 3 in our three-part series on building a live edge table. In this installment we’ll flatten the slab, apply finish, and install our legs. The legs we chose are steel hairpin legs, which really complement the design.


We’re working with a maple burl, which means the grain is going in many different directions. Even if we had a planer wide enough to accept this piece, my preference is to use a surface sander. This ensures that we don’t tear out the grain. Additionally, the sander is plenty wide to handle our material. When using a surface sander it’s very important for the sand paper to be correctly installed. Be sure you understand how to wrap sand paper on a surface sander.

Loose bark

Remember that we want to let the natural “defects” in the live edge material shine through. Our burl has bark inclusions that were a little bit loose. In order to make certain that they didn’t fall out, we used thin CA glue (cyanoacrylate), to stabilize the bark.

Adding legs

There are many, many options when you’re shopping for components to go with your live edge table, or live edge mantel, or any other piece you make from live edge material. Turned legs, steel legs, beautiful corbels…nearly any specie and any style you could want. Be sure to shop these sources to find the perfect accent for your live edge project.

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Surface sanders and dust collection, visit

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3 Responses to “Build a Live Edge Table: Part 3”

  1. Jay Hodgin

    Where did you find the legs?

  2. Nagib Haque

    Was there any sanding, buffing or other preparations done the edges before finishing?

  3. Bill

    What type of finish would you or did you put on the able? Thanks!

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