George Vondriska

Build a Live Edge Table: Part 1

George Vondriska
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Duration:   4  mins

Live edge projects (also called natural edge) can be absolutely stunning. The slabs are typically not square or rectangular, so working with them can be a little tricky. In this three-part project series we’ll take you through the steps we followed to make a gorgeous live edge table.


A variety of species and looks are available as live edge slabs. A good supplier will have pictures on a their web site that allow you to see the slab before making a buying decision.

Accents, legs, and other components

A beautiful project calls for beautiful components to go with it. If you’d love to put four nicely turned legs on your live edge table (or bench), or lovely corbels under your live edge mantel, but aren’t comfortable making them, no sweat. There are companies that make them for you, and they’re available in countless styles and a wide variety of species.

Flattening the slab

The slab we’re working with on this project is a burl. Burls are beautiful, but have no one grain direction. As a result, a surface sander is a better choice than a planer for this piece. Additionally, if you work with wide slabs, you’ll find it’s easier to find uber wide surface sanders than uber wide planers. Overall, surface sanders are a great choice for flattening live edge slabs.

Buying material

In addition to live edge slabs, there are lots of great materials available for your woodworking projects. Check out hardwood suppliers in your area to see what your options are.

Build a Live Edge Table-Part 2

Build a Live Edge Table-Part 3

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