George Vondriska

Benefits of Parallel Jaw Clamps

George Vondriska
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If you’re working wood, you’re probably clamping parts together. That means you need to have good quality clamps in your shop. It’s really hard to beat the benefits of parallel jaw clamps.

Why parallel jaw clamps?

I tell you what. The feature I like the best about parallel jaw clamps is that the jaws stay nice and parallel to each other. You may have experienced the jaws on other clamps canting and twisting as you apply pressure to the glue up. That distortion can easily migrate to the panel you’re putting together. If you glue in a twist, you’re never going to get it out. It’s simply not an issue with parallel jaw clamps. This helps keep your parts flat, which means less work for you later.

Additionally, the jaws on these clamps are already padded. No need to add a shop-made clamp pad that never stays in place. With these clamps you can clamp like crazy, and never mar the surfaces of your project.

Finally, keep in mind that these clamps are reversible. You can use them to squeeze, and to push parts apart.


As if the clamps themselves aren’t handy enough already, you can make them even more handy by adding accessories. Consider looking at:

  • Blocks that allow two clamps to be used perpendicular to each other
  • Bridges that allow two clamps to be put together end to end
  • Extra wide pads that distribute the clamp pressure over a broader area.

More on gluing

Assembly is such a mainstream part of woodworking, we’ve got lots of info on this topic for you. Check out general information on using clamps for glue-ups, and also preventing clamp scars.

More information

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One Response to “Benefits of Parallel Jaw Clamps”

  1. Michael Kratky

    George, agree 100% but with a considerable investment over the last 20 years for parallel clamps in basically a hobby where is one to draw the line each time a new widget comes along? These are not inexpensive.

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