George Vondriska

Barbecue (BBQ) Cart

George Vondriska
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Duration:   25  mins

It’s hard to beat cooking outside. It’s already fun, so make it easy and convenient by building this great BBQ Cart. It’s made from naturally weather resistant cedar, looks great, and will last a lifetime. The handle is a nice touch, made from copper pipe that really accents the cedar. You’ll learn how to cut tapers on the legs, make wooden wheels on the band saw, and get the slats spaced so every space is exactly the same. This simple to make project will look great next to your grill, and also makes a great gift.

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6 Responses to “Barbecue (BBQ) Cart”

  1. Thomas

    How can I download the video to use it later? Hello Thomas, I'm sorry but you are not able to download the classes. You can add them to your playlist for easy access. thanks!

  2. ian

    I was wondering how long the handle should be?

  3. shalom drori

    which kind of wood you recommend for outdoor

  4. shalom drori

    I did not see the measurements of the parts


    Hi, I was wondering what finish you use on the cart.

  6. michaelmicksr

    in the cut list no stock for wheels how big how thick

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