George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! June 2018

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 1  mins

A few technical difficulties with WWGOA LIVE, but we managed to hold it together and do the live stream. Thanks for watching, and thanks for the great questions.

1:30 Cutting chair legs so the chair doesn’t rock
6:03 Shaper vs router
9:12 Casting epoxy
11:00 Recommended lathe chisels
13:28 Why face joint?
16:54 One all around glue?
17:18 Planes; bevel up vs bevel down
17:43 Circ saw blade for plywood
20:12 Plunge router for dovetail jigs?
21:00 Accessories for pen turning
24:10 What gloss of finish on cabinets
24:10 Breadboards ends
27:35 Cleaning up a table saw table
29:00 Types of outdoor glue
32:30 Strength of domino vs biscuit
34:00 Cutting a wedge for a mallet handle
37:00 Workbench, bench top drill presses, bench top bandsaw
39:25 Sharpen a marking gauge
41:30 Shellac or wood conditioner?
42:00 Grit for grinding wheels
43:24 Filling cracks on barn boards
45:03 Round templates for the router
46:42 Jointer recommendations
47:48 Veneer on a humidor
48:54 Domino, Biscuit, Dowel
50:25 Bowl blank from a log
53:00 Replace or sharpen chisels?
53:26 6” disc sander
55:30 Home center material
57:00 Finish for a dining room table
57:42 SawStop bench top saw
58:56 Angles on crown molding
1:00 Acclimating wood to your shop

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