George Vondriska

Why You Need an Airbrush in Your Wood Shop

George Vondriska
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Duration:   6:52   mins

An airbrush is actually a tool most woodworkers should have in their shops. George Vondriska demonstrates three common uses and the advantage of having an airbrush in a wood shop. Learn more about why you need an airbrush in your shop.

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2 Responses to “Why You Need an Airbrush in Your Wood Shop”

  1. slangerga

    I tend to make smaller things, signs, boxes, etc as opposed to furniture, though have certainly done so. If I am new to spraying finish would you recommend an HLVP (say earlex 5500) or an airbrush as a more first foray / more versatile tool? Thanks

    • Customer Service


      A full HVLP system such as the Earlex would be a much more versatile tool and I would recommend starting there. If you want to start with something less expensive to see if you like it, you could get a compressor-based HVLP system such as this: I started with a gun like that, then moved up to a full Erlex HVLP system with turbine, which is essentially an older version of this system: I can definitely get better quality with the Earlex, but I have kept the old gun as well for situations where I’m spraying something that I don’t want to run through my Earlex.

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