George Vondriska

Versatility of a Panel Saw and Router Machine Combo

George Vondriska
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Duration:   11  mins

Most people think you can only use a panel saw to crosscut sheet stock. Today in the workshop, though, George Vondriska demonstrates some of the handy woodworking techniques you can employ with a combination panel saw and router machine. You can crosscut and make repetitive cuts on large sheets of plywood like you would on a miter saw, and create perfect rabbets, through dadoes and stop dadoes like you would with a router.

SR5U/SR5 Panel saw & router combos provided by Safety Speed Manufacturing. For more information, visit

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5 Responses to “Versatility of a Panel Saw and Router Machine Combo”

  1. Robert J Manwell

    incredible tool but at $7,799 MSRP probably beyond the budget and space availability of most home woodworkers. How about a video on other options for breaking down sheet goods in the small shop?

  2. David

    ‬I wonder if you could use that as a big panel flattening tool with the router installed

  3. Douglas Criss

    Can’t watch the video for other advertisers

  4. Robert

    what brand is the panel saw that gorge is using, and for one, like he is using what is the cost?

  5. Bobbg

    I don't know why these have fallen from favor but I used to use one all day long making subboxes, for a one person opration with sheets goods they are one of the safest tools in the shop IMO You'd have to do something pretty stupid to get hurt on one. I understand why the lumber yard puts key codes on them so customers can't use them but I know why they put all the junk on a RAS. One improvement that could be made with a panel saw is add a dado blade saw and ability to use 3 cutter shaper/molding systems. Also tilt and angle cuts. You could make raised panel doors on them or moldings.

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