George Vondriska

Super Finishing for Turning

George Vondriska
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Duration:   4  mins

George Vondriska demonstrates the best way to apply a simple finishing mixture to a bottle stopper that is durable and will give the piece a proper shine. While the bottle stopper is still on your lathe, you can dab on light layers of thin-viscosity CA wood glue and linseed oil.

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8 Responses to “Super Finishing for Turning”

  1. Selder Zwaan

    <strong>Ticket 37394</strong> Does this technique also work with tung oil?

  2. JUDY

    Curious as to why the BLO is used? Does it impart durability or a better looking finish, since BLO is known for making the grain pop? (I have turned pens using only CA glue if I want a shiny durable finish).


    What type of micro mesh are you using, grit, and anything else that I have forgotten to ask about micro mesh. Where did you get it? I have never used this. You have any vids on micro mesh? Great vid George. Thx.

  4. Rick

    This is one of the Best ideas i have come across in years. Finish is Great and is so fast and Easy. Thank You so Much for the Tip......Happy Turning

  5. mrbcp2008

    To how fine of a grit should be used for both the before application of Linseed oil and CA glue and the resanding after application of Linseed oil and CA glue?

  6. gwlundgren

    How much time does it take for the linseed oil/thin CA to dry before recoating and when finally finished? I tried this. Thought it was dry. But not getting the glossy finish. Thanks

  7. camaro98

    Great idea, but I concur with the first comment. Turners should always wear eye protection. You can never be sure that the finish won't be too thin and come flying off of the piece. Turners know that accidents can come at blinding speed...

  8. Dave Morgan

    I use this on some of my pens and other turnings. Beautiful finish!

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