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Stop and Restart Your CNC Tool Path

George Vondriska
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There are times when you can’t allow a CNC tool path to run completely from start to finish. Some CNC toolpaths, like 3D carvings, have exceptionally long run times. It’s also possible that you simply get called away from your shop and have to stop running your CNC mid-toolpath. Please don’t leave your CNC router running when you’re not in your shop.

Stopping a CNC tool path

Most machines have both a Pause button and a Stop button on the pendant. When you want to completely halt the tool path use the Stop button.

Saving the stop point

After you’ve punched the stop button on your fob you’ll get a message asking if you want to Save break or Discard break. Toggle to Save break and press the OK button. This takes you to a screen titled Break list. Use the up and down arrows to choose which line you want to save the toolpath on. Once you’re on the line you want to use, press the OK button. If there’s already a file saved there, this action will overwrite it. This process saves the CNC tool path at the precise line in the tool path you chose to stop at. The name of the saved break point will be the same as the name of the toolpath.

Restarting the tool path

Get the toolpath restarted by pressing Run and 1 at the same time. This takes you to the Break list, and you can toggle to and choose the line that contains your interrupted tool path. Press OK, and you’ll be back to the recognizable screen you typically see when you’re running toolpaths.

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