George Vondriska

ShopBot’s New Edge Clamp Joinery Jig

George Vondriska
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We commonly think of CNC routers as 2D platforms. Our work is mounted horizontally on the spoilboard and the CNC work is done on the face. ShopBot’s new Edge Clamp Joinery Jig changes that. Here’s what it’s all about.

What it does

The jig changes the CNC playing field by allowing you to mount boards vertically AND horizontally. Imagine a dovetail jig fastened to your CNC, and you’ll have a good picture of the Edge Clamp Joinery Jig. You can cut finger joints, very unique mortise and tenon joints, and lots more.

Mounting the jig

The Edge Clamp Joinery Jig can be mounted on ShopBot’s DeskTop DT3 or the Desktop MAX. To do this, portions of the aluminum bed are removed. Once the bed is out, the jig is bolted to the frame of the machine. ShopBot has made an installation video that explains the process.

Designing for the jig

The owner’s manual for the jig includes a sample layout using VCarve software, and that’s a great jumping off point to get familiar with designing for the jig. Joinery could be as simple as a conventional mortise and tenon, or more advanced in the form of a through mortise and tenon with any shape tenon you want. The beauty of designing with CAD/CAM software is that you can make the tenons, and mating mortises, any shape you want.

Double-sided CNC work

Want to see another unique operation you can do on a CNC router? Double sided signs can be done, provided you create solid registration points. This video shows you how.

More info

For more info on ShopBot’s Edge Clamp Joinery Jig visit the company’s website or call (888) 680-4466.

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2 Responses to “ShopBot’s New Edge Clamp Joinery Jig”

  1. Mark

    It's too bad it is limited To ShopBot machines.

  2. Tomer

    Does anyone know why we are getting commercial with our subscription services? The whole point of getting premium access is so we don't rely on YouTube and have to deal with the commercials on that platform as its free. I have not seen commercials before and that was one of the most attractive features that got me to sign up for a premium access.

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