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New Triton Routers

George Vondriska
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You know I’m a heavy router user, so I’m always excited when I see new routers in the marketplace. Triton Tools has two new candidates for you to check out, covering both the large router and small router ends of the field.

TFBR001 Fixed Base Router 3.25hp

If you’ve been around woodworking for a while you’re probably familiar with the Porter Cable 7518 router. And you may also know that it’s no longer being made. Triton stepped up to fill the void that was left. Enter the TRB F001 router. It’s 3-¼ HP, 15 amp, with variable speed. The speed range is 10,000 to 21,000 rpm, and includes soft start. It comes with a 1/2” collet.

A big difference between the old PC 7518 and this machine is the great D-handle on the Triton router. With a large router like this you gotta appreciate the control that comes with a D-handle. And, that puts the switch at your fingertips, so you’re not letting go of the router to reach for an on/off switch.

The Triton components are completely compatible with PC 7518 components. The Triton motor fits into a Porter Cable base, and into any router lift you’re already using with the PC 7518.

Trim router

Trim routers are great for finesse/detail work, and for woodworkers just getting used to using a router. The Triton TFBR001 comes with a fixed base AND plunge base. It comes with a 1/2” collet and fence. It also comes with a winder, a great feature that makes it super simple to fine tune bit height. Speed range is 11.500 to 31,000 rpm and includes soft start.

See more Triton tools in action

A recent live edge slab table project let me make use of a whole gamut of Triton tools. Check it out.

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