George Vondriska

How to Make Framless Glass Cabinet Doors

George Vondriska
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Learn how to make glass cabinet doors using pivot or European-style hinges. You don’t have to shy away from cabinet projects with glass doors, even if you’re a beginner. Or perhaps you’ve always built wooden doors for your cabinet projects and you’d like to try something different. Here’s how you can expand your cabinet making repertoire and learn how to successfully create elegant, modern, frameless glass cabinet doors for any project. Looking for project inspiration? We’ve got a treasure trove of woodworking projects with something for everyone.

Try Something New

Standard wooden cabinet doors are beautiful and functional, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Once you know how to make glass cabinet doors, you may want to include these attractive frameless doors in all of your cabinet projects. We have many videos that can help you learn how to build cabinets that go beyond frameless glass doors, as well. We can help you learn how to square cabinets, apply crown molding, and more.

Pivot Hinges

One way to make a frameless glass cabinet door is to install pivot hinges made for glass doors. See how simple it is to install a friction-fit pivot hinge onto a glass door panel.

European-Style Hinges

The other option is European-style hinges made for glass doors. With a little help from your glass supplier who will drill the holes, this hardware is also a cinch to install.

Working With Your Glass Supplier

In addition, as you learn how to make glass cabinet doors, you’ll appreciate the helpful tips on working with glass suppliers to make sure your panels are the correct thickness for your hardware and that the door panels have no sharp edges.

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3 Responses to “How to Make Framless Glass Cabinet Doors”

  1. Jeff Carter

    How would you flush mount euro hinges to the back of glass as you see in modern media consoles with grey doors and 2” black border to hide the hinges?

  2. Jerry Putnam

    In ordering the glass how much should subtracted from the height of the opening to allow for the hinges? I am planning on using the friction fit pivot hinges in the video. Thanks

  3. Ernie Richmann

    Rockler has these hinges. Go to

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