How Much Epoxy Do You Need?

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Epoxy is a fun, but expensive, product to work with, so you want to mix the right amount for your project. Mixing too much means you’ll have that expensive epoxy left over after your pour. But if you don’t mix enough you’ll be short. Not having enough epoxy is especially bad if you’ve used mica powder, pigment or other additives to give the epoxy a unique color or look. Mixing more, and hitting that exact same look, can be very difficult.

The formula

First we’ll calculate the volume of the area you’re filling. The formula for volume of any object is thickness x width x length. Let’s do a sample. If you’re doing a table top pour that’ll end up ⅛” (.125”) deep and the area you need to cover is 7” x 14” the math is .125 x 7 x 14, which equals 12.25 cubic inches. When you do the math, make sure all the numbers are using the same units, inches.

Change to ounces

Convert cubic inches to ounces by multiplying your result by .55. So, in our example, you need 6.8 ounces. Easy peezy.


A dose of reality. Some epoxy will run over the edges of a table top pour. Some will stick to the side of the cups you mix in. Bottom line, you need to mix a little extra no matter what. As a general rule, add about 10%. Your mileage may vary.

If you have way too much

Too much epoxy? You should always have silicone molds, such as coasters, on hand. Pour the excess into the molds and you’ll get a second project from your pour.

Epoxy is a fun and interesting medium to work with. We’ve got LOTS of great epoxy projects for you.

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