Gluing Up a Hollow Column

Duration: 9:48

Gluing up a column, or any multi-sided object, can be a challenge. Getting uniform clamping pressure isn’t easy, unless you use just the right clamp. The key to good (and easy) clamping on multi-sided objects is using a strap clamp. Strap clamps allow you to completely wrap the object, getting perfectly uniform pressure from every direction.

Sequence matters

When you make a column the order of operations is really important. Don’t try to assemble the entire column at one time. Put each half of the column together and, after the glue is dry, flatten the remaining faces. This guarantees that the two faces will line up, even if you missed slightly when cutting the angles on all those parts. Think about it; if you miss each angle you cut by only a tiny bit, there’s no way the column will go together. Following the procedure we’ve outlined for you here, and using the right clamps, will make assembly a lot easier.

Strap clamps are great for putting mitered frames together, too. We can apply the same idea of uniform pressure to picture frames. The best way to pull the miters together is to pull on all four of them at the same time. Strap clamps excel at this.

General assembly tips

There aren’t many projects that go together without gluing and clamping. Whether you’re assembling a cabinet carcase, cutting board, table, or doing a panel glue-up, WWGOA has lots of tips and tricks to make it go better.

More info

For more information on Bessey’s Strap Clamps, visit their website.

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5 Responses to “Gluing Up a Hollow Column”
  1. Bart Steven Goldberg
    Bart Steven Goldberg

    I would question the use of tape for “clamping” the two half sections, then using the band clamps at the end. You won’t get the needed clamping pressure from just the tape. I would consider using either splines or dominos on those joints to ensure they are strong.

  2. CHRIS

    Strap clamps… 2nd least favorite tool in the shop. Evil necessity. 😀 Cheers, Chris.

  3. Paul Samarin
    Paul Samarin

    You’re a great explainer, generally, but I think you might want to edit in a graphic advising to sand *both* halves flat. It should be obvious, of course, but some might not get it. Thanks for all the vids.